Thursday, August 16, 2007

Story #16 - Unkind To A Dog

Here is this week's story. I like this one. Please enjoy.


Unkind to a Dog
by Dan Schwartz

I wanted to live in the land of bad decisions. In order to live in the land of bad decisions, you have to make some bad decisions.

I was unkind to a dog. When it wanted food I would not give it much. I would be cross and moody whenever we went for walks. I refused to pick up after it. If it barked at me I would just tell it to shut up. I hate leashes. I don't like other dog owners, either. Basically, the dog and I didn't get along.

The dog is passive-aggressive. When it wants something it will act like it doesn't. He'll go to the door and just wait there and look at me. He has this unblinking stare that dogs shouldn't have. He can stop his tail from moving at all. It's uncanny.

I realized that we weren't getting on together, so I decided I had to get rid of him. I also decided I should do it illegally. I went to an alley somewhere in town, put it there, and then left. It was no good because he followed me home. I should have run faster.

I was thinking of putting him in the car and driving out to a field and letting him go there, but whenever I put him in the car he gets sick. I didn't want to clean up dog vomit as a parting gift.

So one night I waited until it was dark, crept up to him, grabbed him and put him outside. He was upset. I figured the best way to make him unwelcome is never to let him in again. Of course this comes with problems, such as I have to be extra careful when I go outside lest he should get in sometime. I am also worried that he could be digging.

I think my best option at this point is to get some dog food and put it in a far away location so that he will be attracted to it. If I get enough food he probably will not need to return. I have enough going on in my life that I don't need a dog to give me trouble.


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