Friday, March 21, 2008

Story #39 - The Message, by Adam Mirvis

Sorry for missing last week, but I am making it up to you by posting a new story by Adam Mirvis! Picture the coolest person you know; Mr. Mirvis can defeat him. Yeah, I know. Here is the story.


The Message
By Adam Mirvis

I wanted to live in the land of bad decisions. In order to live in the land of bad decisions, you have to make some bad decisions.

I pondered this thought while blinking into the blindingly bright light. After several long seconds, my pupils began to adjust, and I stopped having to squint quite so hard.

The crew stood about, some making last-minute adjustments, but most with nothing to occupy them. Nerves were apparent in their faces, but also a barely-contained giddiness. Like the equipment we were using, the crew was mostly scrounged up - some had been ungraciously retired before their time, others were young amateurs, in way over their heads.

Already, I could begin to feel the warmth of the lights creeping into my skin, my collar beginning to itch. It had taken nearly seventeen months to get everything in place - surreptitiously patching into the cable and satellite networks, assembling our broadcasting station, coordinating our assault so that all the media channels would be redirected, simultaneously, to us.

I reflected on what we had done - on what we were about to do. As I watched the hand just off the center of my field of view counting down...five...four...I indulged in a brief fantasy of the world we were about to create. Everything would be different - better. We would be treated as heroes one day. Three...a small red light came on, just to the right of the camera lens. index finger, pointing at me in pregnant silence.

I cleared my throat, and began to yodel.



Megha said...

enjoyed your story, but thought you should know this is the first thing that pops up upon googling you. :P

Anonymous said...

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