Thursday, April 8, 2010

Story #66 - Making Obscene Gestures - MBD #8

Here is a new story for you, please continue to enjoy the Month of Bad Decisions.


Making Obscene Gestures
by Dan Schwartz

I walked around the town today with my middle finger permanently outstretched. No one seemed to notice at first. Then I brought it in front of my face, so that everyone could see. Then people noticed, but usually that meant they walked around me or flipped me off right back.

So I did every obscene gesture I could think of with my hands, and when I ran out of ones I knew I had to make some up, like jumping up and down while whistling, or grabbing the insides of my teeth. Once I walked down the street doing a handstand, flexing my legs in the air one at a time.

But the thing is, nobody really noticed or cared. They might have glanced at me once, and then went on with what they were doing. I realized what happened – everyone was so used to seeing assholes on the street that they no longer pay attention to them. They just carry on.

So my bad decision didn’t really affect me or anyone else. The only thing I lost was my dignity, and it’s not like that was around much anyway.


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