Monday, April 26, 2010

Story #84 - Frost Burn, by Michelle Wright - MBD #26

Hi there! Today we have an amazing story by a great author: Michelle Wright!

Michelle is a Canadian writer, currently finishing up the MFA program at the University of British Columbia. Her work has appeared in the magazines Grain and subTerrain. She is also a good friend of mine, and like all the writers for LOBD, she is awesome at everything. Thanks, Michelle!

Just a reminder - if you're interested in submitting something, read the submission guidelines and send something my way. In the meantime enjoy Michelle's story!


Frost Burn
by Michelle Wright

It figured was probably a bad decision to bury it in the playground. I mean some kid could run after a ball or something and step on it. Maybe they would trip. And the location was also very practical. The body was really heavy.

If you run over someone’s dog and no one’s around to see it, did you really run over someone’s dog? Or did the dog just run away? Or get kidnapped? Or go to a picturesque farm somewhere with wide open spaces to chase friendly chickens in?

In any case, it wasn’t breathing, so I decided to bury it in playground mulch. Unfortunately, just as I was elbow deep in dirt and sand, a bell rang and the elementary school beside the park puked kids at me. They were screaming and frothing and I took off with the body, because, really, who knew what those kids would do to it? They don’t understand reality at all.

So I took it home and now I’m stuck with it. I’ve made a nice spot in my freezer, right by the chicken breasts and peas. It’s pretty comforting actually. Who knew a frozen dog could be such a great addition to your life? I’m pretty sure I’m going to take it with me when I move.


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