Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Story #147 - Started A Blog - MBD #17


Started A Blog
by Dan Schwartz

I wanted to live in the land of bad decisions. In order to live in the land of bad decisions, you have to make some bad decisions.

I had a dream, an endless dream, and I thought it was important to share my dream. So I started a blog. But THEN it got attacked by COMMENTERS and I had no way to defend myself. So I shut it down. Then I threw my computer down a flight of stairs due to anger. Later I threw another person's computer down a different flight of stairs. I think that also might have been due to anger but I am not sure.

After that I made several fires around town, I suppose that was a little unrelated but I do not think so, I mean if a man just likes to start fires then what is the harm? This is what I told myself. Look there shouldn't be any difficulties between you and I, all I want is some respect.


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